mervi harjunpää

Mervi peintre

Finnish-born Mervi Harjunpää-Verhasselt is a self-taught painter who has lived in Provence for more than 30 years. From early childhood, she illustrated the world around her through the medium of pastels.

The beauty of the landscape and the ambiance of her adopted Provence led her in the 1980s towards photography, and her painting -- previously representational in style -- began to change. She realised that she should no longer paint simply what she saw, but attempt to express the feelings and sensations of her inner landscape.

Her abstract art (pastels, water colours, oils and acrylics) is the product of her own experience, where childhood memories intertwine with the bold colours of her everyday environment.

Mervi Harjunpää-Verhasselt has exhibited in numerous centres in Provence, as well as in Finland and in Italy.

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